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Program "g++" not found in PATH

Question asked by Dan Bovill on Sep 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2018 by Alice_Yang

Hello All,

I've been happily using KDS for some time now. I've been writing everything in C till a couple of weeks ago. I decided to see what a C++ project looked like. Since then I haven't been able to build any of my C projects. Regardless of which project I open, when I build it I get 2 errors:

  • Program "g++" not found in PATH
  • Program "gcc" not found in PATH

For error location I am given the hint:

   Preferences, C++/Build/Settings/Discovery, [CDT GCC Built-In Compiler Settings] options

For error type I get:

   C/C++ Scanner Discovery Problem


I've tried following the hint given but when I get there I don't know what to do.


A little help please?