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xgate interrupts configuration error

Question asked by harikrishnan kunchala on Aug 30, 2018

Hi team, we are using MSCAN driver (CAN0). when there is a rx interrupt to CAN0 it should needs to handle by XGATE (not the cpu). can you pls help us how to do that . we configure CAN0 wake-up,CAN0 errors,CAN0 receive, CAN0 transmit as CanTxInterrupt_0, /* 0xFFB0 MSCAN 0 transmit */ CanRxInterrupt_0, /* 0xFFB2 MSCAN 0 receive */ CanErrorInterrupt_0, /* 0xFFB4 MSCAN 0 errors */ CanWakeUpInterrupt_0, /* 0xFFB6 MSCAN 0 wake-up */ setprio(0x58, 0x06); // CAN0 transmit - setprio(0x59, 0x07); // CAN0 receive - Highest setprio(0x5A, 0x02); // CAN0 errors - Low setprio(0x5B, 0x05); // CAN0 wake-up - setprio(0x3D, 0x01); // PTI0 UNDEFD,//{(void (*)(void))CanXGateRxInterrupt, &CanXGateArgs[0]}, /* 0x59 MSCAN 0 receive */ the above interrupt need to handle by XGATE . pls help what needs to be done