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Question asked by 展辉 刘 on Aug 31, 2018
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Dear NXP Enginner:


     In our project, the NXP MCU S912ZVLA64F0MLF is used;

     At present stage, the EMC CE test failed,as below, the failure frequencies are  between the range of  31.8~35.8Mhz, and 96.2Mhz point;

We checked our design(circuit&programm) carefully, while no source of upper frequency points  were found.There are just MCU,SENSOR and CAN phy ,sensor and can phy just work in 500~900Khz frequence.schematic as below:



One doubt way is:

The DC regulator is internally intergated in the MCU (S912ZVLA64F0MLF) ;

Wheather  the upper relate  frequency are generated from the internal Regulator Block?

Besides,any other possible source of the relate  frequency?


It is urgent ,Could you help me ?thanks!