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Question asked by MHUST HUTCHINSON on Aug 30, 2018
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I'm using FXTH8711 with RTI to 32ms and PWU wake-up mode to 1 second. These 2 timers use LFO clock (always ON in RUN/STOPx modes).


I have one specific processus for RTI and one other for PWU.


With the PWU: the TPMS wake-up and resets from reset-vector and when in my application I enable INTERRUPT (CLI) it enters in PWU handler. It is OK.


With the RTI the TPMS stays in STOP1 mode and when it resets (PWU timeout reached) the RTI interrupt flag is not set.


Is RTI timer running in STOP1 mode ? In the datasheet it is written that RTI timer can be used (with LFO clock) to wake-up from STOP1 because of interrupt event. It is indicated too that any reset (example: wake-up from STOP1 mode) clears the RTIF (RTI Flag pending event) so in my application I can never check if this timeout has been reached to execute a specific processus associated to RTI.



Can you help me please ?


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