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Tresos Custom Configuration on S32K 144 EVB

Question asked by Zach Bellay on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Cuong Nguyen

Hello NXP Community!


I am trying to flash an LED attached to PTC 15 on the S32K 144 Evaluation Board using Tresos Studio and AUTOSAR MCAL 4.2.2. I am running the S32K14X_MCAL4_2_RTM_1_0_0_Sample_Application on S32 Design Studio and the S32K 4.2 configuration in Tresos Studio.


When going to configure the board in Tresos Studio I am adding another entry into the PortPin table. Based on the S32K144_IO_Signal_Description_Input_Multiplexing file attached to the S32K 144 Reference Manual, the PCR Pin that should correspond to PTC 15 on the S32K144_100lqfp should be 45.


I am confused though because the S32K144 EVB uses the S32K144_100lqfp, but in the Tresos Studio configuration for for Port, PortPin_Led2 and PortPin_Led3 have PCR Pin values of 111 and 112, respectively. These are greater than the number of pins available on the 100lqfp, but would work on the larger S32K chips that have 144 pins. 


So my question is, is there some sort of background conversion going on in Tresos studio that maps the 144 pins to a 100 pin board? What can I do to get this LED attached to PTC 15 to blink?