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OSBDM libraries nowhere to be found!

Question asked by Manish Sangram on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Diana Batrlova



We want to write our own burning and testing utilities. At this time we want to use the OSBDM to access the BDM and be able to read/write data from a PC and run some diagnostics as well.


We were able to find only one document 


We need the latest and relevant documentation for OSBDM/USBDM especially in the context of S12Z. 

We also want the latest software for OSBDM both as firmware and more importantly for PC DLL/libs so that we can write the application we want.


We have of course gone to PEMicro OSBDM page but it almost feels like they don't want anyone to use OSBDM. Even the libraries of OSBDM from PEMicro are not free ($199+)


Is NXP/Freescale not interested in OSBDM being used? Why is there such poor support !