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How gst send rtp stream on imx6qp yocto2.1

Question asked by Advten 是 on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Joan Xie

I read the  linux_user's_guide.pdf,  but it only  introduced the gst receive RTP stream. Like this


$GSTL udpsrc do-timestamp=false uri=udp:// caps="application/x-rtp"
! rtpmp2tdepay ! aiurdemux streaming_latency=400 name=d d.
! queue ! vpudec ! queue ! overlaysink sync=true d. ! queue ! beepdec
! pulsesink sync=true



How used gst to send rtp stream on imx6qp. ? The system is yocto2.1