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Where in the LS1012a-Freedom code is GPIO_RST_B controlled?

Question asked by Tim Hammer on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Tim Hammer

Our custom board design diverged from the LS1012a Freedom reference board in that we have an eMMC on SDHC controller 1 and therefore need to configure pin 75 to SDHC1_VSEL (rather than GPIO1[23]). We moved this signal to pin 122 (GPIO1[13]).

Pin 122 is not connected to anything on the Freedom board. The LS1012A RM says the bit 424-425 RCW value of "11" is "GPIO1[13], RESET_REQ_B". We did not change RESET_REQ_B so I left this unchanged. Note: the CodeWarrior IDE RCW configuration tool indicates that "11" is reserved (and not what it how it mux's these pins.


However, I am unable to locate where in the code GPIO1[23] is utilized to reset the Ethernet PHYs and our PHYs appear to be held in reset.

Can anyone point me to the code I need to study/modify?