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Question asked by Mohamed Hedi BASLY on Aug 28, 2018


I'm Working with the MPC5746C on the EVB MPC574XG-MB, my current subject is send/receive frames over ethernet on RMII mode.

I used the exemple "MPC5748G-ENET_external_loop-test-GHS614".

on my EVB i have an external loopback cable (RX signals are connected to TX signals).


When i put The MPC5748G on the EVB, i compile the exemple and dwnload it to the board, the communication is working and the frames are sent/received, that seems to be good.


but when i put the MPC5746C on the EVB, the code does not run, so i created a new project on GHS and used the MPC5746C as target and i used the sources files from "MPC5748G-ENET_external_loop-test-GHS614".


on my debugging terminal i got this.

the code is running but the frames are sent and not received .....


am I missing something here. i verified the SIU pad config and it is correct... Any help would be appreciated.


my code is attached.