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Yocto U-Boot SPL not loading

Question asked by Maxime Borges on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by igorpadykov


I'm building a Poky distribution for an OPOS6ULdev, and I can't get my U-Boot (FSLC) SPL binary to boot.

Armadeus is giving U-Boot image and SPL for version 2018.05, but my distribution is building the version 2018.07 and I'd like to use it.

I'm able to boot the distribution using the U-Boot image and rootfs from my Yocto build, but I have to use the SPL from Armadeus, otherwise the board simply doesn't boot.

I have the buildroot project that built the 2018.05 working version and there is no specific patch for this version since this board is supported by mainline U-Boot.

I'm using a script based on the u-boot recovery script from Armadeus to automate my workflow, but using exactly the script linked and replacing with my SPL doesn't help.

The first part of this script using imx_usb works, and I can see it boot my SPL at this stage, download and flash the U-Boot image and SPL using CLI. But after that when I reset my board nothing is happening.

When I use the exact same script but using the SPL from Armadeus, I can boot the board.

I tried to enable every logging I could when building the SPL but nothing is happening again.

I joined the two SPL binaries and the Yocto machine configuration I'm using.


Any clue on what's wrong ?