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HTRC110 signals

Question asked by Sandor Bedo on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by Sandor Bedo


I work on a project with this IC and as I built my circuit I have some questions:

For first here is the schematic:

I tried to calculate all the necessary data, but the Rdem_in parameter is not present in any document.

Is this changeable with registers or is this a fix value?


- As I measured the TX1 pin it is okay. The 125kHz signal is there (1)


After the capacitor (2)


Directly before the coil I measured the next. I assume that I got it because of the coil. So from my opinnion it should be okay. (3):

Unfortunately I have no idea why I got this.

And as I see, because of this I have problem with the output sine signal as well (4): 


As I measured these two signals:



Does anybody have any idea what I make wrong?

Because right now I have no more idea.