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S32V234 VSDK isp_ov10640_quad work with max96705

Question asked by Liu Jialu on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by summer luo

S32V234 VSDK demo 'isp_ov10640_quad' work with "max9286+max9271*4", but my camera's serializer is "max96705", ii2c read serializer and OV16040 CHIP_ID failed, detail information in attached file.

debug environment:

          hardware: S32V234EVB + MAX9286S32V234DB + LI-OV10640-490-GMSL-055H

          software: S32V234 VSDK  isp_ov10640_quad demo。


Any clear difference with max9271 & max96705? datasheet said they arm compatible.