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How to auth the ntag413 dna

Question asked by yang youyong on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Uros Kokol

I have tried to use utrust 3700 reader read ntag413dna , and get the log file.
But what is the ntag413 auth flow?


Command APDU : 00A4040C07D276000085010100
Response APDU : 9000
Command APDU : 9071000005000300000000
Response APDU : 75E2DA223E5E44DFB3D3E1A16F8DC52891AF
Command APDU : 90AF000020CBD93EB396E6DC2457BA91100BDA2873AC30AFADEDD3BA4F394D1232F3E6EAE100
Response APDU : C2E85B709EF8165980AA0BAB8C1AD2CDAA14658AC8A57519AACBA2198DBF83989100