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Progressive Clock Switching for MPC5744P

Question asked by Jonas Andersson on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Meedan Deys

We are using the MCP5744P MCU and have had problem with voltage fluctuations when the clocks are initialized. In the reference manual there is a section about Progressive Clock Switching (PCS) and we have used the AN5304 application note in order to implement this feature.


When running the example in AN5304 the core get stuck in an exception (machine_check_int_handler) when trying to start the core (with the line of code attached below) and need help to understand why we end up in this state.


/******************** Start the core **********************/
/* Main and checker cores running in RUN3:0, DRUN, SAFE, TEST modes */
MC_ME.CCTL0.R = 0x00FE;



  • When reading the value of MC_ME.CCTL0.R I can see that it already has the expected value (0x00FE) before the assignment.  
  • The MCU has an external oscillator with 24MHz (40 MHz in example). 


AN5304 application note link: