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Single Shunt PMSM on Miniboard

Question asked by Manish Sangram on Aug 25, 2018
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Matej PachaS12 / MagniV Microcontrollers 



We are trying to use the FOC PMSM code AN5327SW on the Miniboard. The miniboard has all the required hardware to work with this except for 4Mhz XTAL, which we are using internal clock.


We have set up the MCAT and parameters and the appconfig.h is attached below.


As per the PDF we are trying to at least start the motor in    Scalar control.



After a lot many days of work we are able to spin the motor in SCALAR mode. 


The motor stalls when entering any of the sensorless modes. In case of speed FOC we can here the motor vibrating but it has otherwise stalled


In the scalar mode the motor runs very hot and at limited RPM.


Further We are trying to tune using the AN4912 and the first step to getting Sinusoidal wave but the waves look randam and no amount of changing the V/HZ Ration Req is changing this. Please see attached image from Freemaster. 


Also refer to Openloop position and estimated position recorder. they look to be in sync.


Further please see the current oscilloscope from Freemaster. Is this sinusoidal or do we need to tune this? What exact parameter do we need to change?


Urgent help required as we have spent over a week getting this far!