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How to Use USB OTG(flashing port) port as a communication port?

Question asked by Keshava Kumar B on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Rita Wang

Hi all,
We have custom i.MX6UL based board. Currently we have 2 USB ports. One port is used for Flashing purpose (thorough MFG tool) and another USB is being used as USB debug port. USB debug port is used continuously for debug purpose. USB port which is used for Flashing is always free when it is not used for Flashing purpose. I want to use it as a USB Communication port. For this I enabled USB CDC ACM class in  Linux and connected that port to PC expecting it to  detect as a serial port. But no luck. What are things I should do inorder to use USB port(which is used for flashing purpose through MFG tool) as a communication port. ??


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Keshava Kumar B