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Stand alone setup without internet connection: app doesn't work

Question asked by Felix Heimes on Aug 24, 2018

I need to setup a stand alone system without internet connectivity.  Reasons for this are:

   - My company does not allow non-windows devices on our network. 

   - Want this system to work without the need for internet connection.

   - Want to demo the system at remote locations without internet.

I followed the Cloud Service Setup Guide (at home) and it works great while connected to my home network.


When I disconnect the server from the internet and use a WiFi router to connect the mobile app to my stand alone cloud server, the app reports "No Connection, To use this application, you need to be connected to your network."


I did the 5 tap thing with the app and setup the IP address of the server WiFi IP address.  From my smart phone running the app, I am able to SSH login to the server (so the connectivity to the server works from my phone).  If I disable WiFi, the app works (so it appears to not require a connection to the server, but just a connection to the internet).  If I enable WiFi and cellular connectivity, my phone probably sends all internet connection requests through WiFi and then the app says "No Connection" even though my phone is connected to the server via WiFi and to the internet through cellular network.


Is there a way to allow the app to work even if it is not connected to the internet?