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Question asked by Denis ZALLOT on Aug 24, 2018

Good morning,


I plan to use the VIU2 interface of the MPC5645S to connect a PAL camera to my system.

The video decoder will probably be the ADV7282A from Analog Device.

I read in the manual that in order to use the VIU2 down scaler, the input on the MPC5645S  ITU-R BT656 bus must in the progressive format.

1) Does the MPC5645S VIU2 interface expect a 576p25 or a 576p50 format or can it work with both ?

2) Please confirm that the frequency of the LLC input pin cannot exceed 50 Mhz when the system clock is at the maximum speed (125 Mhz)

3) Has anyone already used the VIU2 down scaler with a PAL input format ? With which video decoder? 


Best regards