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Display rotation issues on iMX7D and Android 7.1.2

Question asked by robertosartori on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by zafer kaya


I've encountered a couple of issues while working with Android 7.1.2 (N7.1.2_2.0.0 BSP) with different boards based on the iMX7D SoC, including the i.MX 7Dual SABRE Board with the demo binary images from NXP.


With the SABRE I'm using an HDMI display that works natively on Android in landscape.


The first issue regards the video playback.

While playing a video with a rotated display, the video view is black. This behaviour is common among all the video players that I tried. With the display that I'm using and with the SABRE this means that every video played in portrait is shown completely black. This can be achieve forcing the display rotation with ADB, or using an app that works in portrait.


The second issue is that forcing the orientation of the display differently than the default one causes a notable loss of performance: the UI lags a lot, even the launcher. That's the case setting the SABRE to work in portrait, and I think it could cause also the black video problem of the first issue.

These problems are not present using Android 7.1.1 (N7.1.1_1.0.0 BSP), while I have checked that both can be reproduce on Android 8.0.0 (O8.0.0_1.0.0 BSP) on the i.MX 7Dual SABRE Board.

Anyone noticed\solved the same issues?