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LS1043A custom board can't boot from SD card

Question asked by Mark Yang on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Mark Yang

We build our own board with LS1043A, boot source is SD card. Unfortunately it can't boot up. There is nothing output from UART console. And the ASLEEP pin keep high. It works with RAM boot through CodeWarrior. But can't boot from SD card.

Please see what we have done below,

1. Have verified the UART works with BareMetal CodeWarrior code.

2. SD card can be programmed with CodeWarrior and verified the content is good.

3. RAM boot with CodeWarrior works to run u-boot. There is UART output for RAM boot.


The main difference between our designed board and LS1043ARDB EVK are as the listing:

1. No CPLD for our board, but there is CPLD in EVK

2. The DDR RAM is difference. It is MT40A512M8 in EVK. For our board, MT40A512M16 is used. I have verified it works through RAM boot with CodeWarrior.

3. No SERDES for our board, EVK has SERDES. But I have disconnect SERDES physically and disable it in RCW in EVK. Also verified the modification in EVK work.


Is there any comment/suggestion about this case? Thanks much for your help!