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where is processor expert in MCUExpresso IDE for Freedom FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Jeff Sylvester on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Robin_Shen

I am trying to build a small project with some GPIO that run on Interrupt and then output one serial (UART) and one CAN message based on calculation on this GPIO.     I used to use Kinetis Design Studio and Processor Expert in the past to generate an API type interface, and configure the clock tree and Uart baudrate from the PE GUI.   now i have MCUXpresso and the config builder tool.  however this tool seems to only generate low level code without the API like stuff I used to get with PE.   maybe I am not using tool right or do not know where to look for code?  or run tool, how do I configure the uart to run at 1,000,000 baud rate.   this tool doesnt seem as user friendly as PE?


So I downloaded and SDK from NXP for FRDM-K66F and it has project called Uart Polling.  and if I click on peripheral tab on very upper right hand corner.  I get a GUI pop up and I can only configure the UART to 115200.  IF I select Bus Clock as clock then it changes to CUSTOM and I have no idea.  how to make this work