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Multi Core Project M4-M0 and a shared project for M4 and M0 core

Question asked by anon-92c7959f222f on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by LPCX presso support


i have a workspace with a multi-core setup (C, baremetal) for a LPC 4337.

- Project_M0

- Project_M4

- lpc_chip_43xx

- lpc_chip_43xx_m0


However, i have some code that i need in Project_M0 and also in Project_M4.

Is it possible to create a new project "Cortex_Shared"?

The project/folder or whatever, should contain includes/sources that i need in both projects for M4 and M0?

I tried the project wizard, but with that i need to choose between the core.

Any ideas?