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OPTEE with Android on IMX6 quad

Question asked by Saidgani Musaev on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by 礼夫 陈

Hello everyone, I am using Nitrogen6x board from boundarydevice. It's based on IMX6Q chip. I am working on studying project related to Trusted execution environment. I could boot OPTEE with Linux kernel from linaro repo. When I try to boot Android with OPTEE it is stuck. I see logs from OPTEE itself: the last log message is "Primary CPU switching to normal world boot". I got android sources from boundary device private repo. Without OPTEE Android boots correctly. With the same OPTEE kernel,  Linux kernel boots correctly as well( all client tests pass ). I recompiled Android kernel with CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK and CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK_DIRECT. Also I disabled SMP to not boot secondary CPUs.  I don't see any message after OPTEE executes "smc #0" for first time. I assume Android booting code does do something which is forbidden in normal world. I wrote to Boundary Device support (Android Getting Started Guide - Boundary Devices ), but they directed me here . What could be a good starting point for me to get deep and to port Android to my board? As I understand this Android distribution will not work with "Trusty"-TEE, right?