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I need to have MC9S08QD4 programed

Question asked by Ted Brown on Aug 23, 2018

I need a couple of MC9S08QD4 programed as specified in NXP document   I am working on an idle air control valve on my Corvair.  The Microsquirt using PWM in duty percentages of 0-100 and I have a L298N to control the higher current stepper motors.   Duty to steps should be 1 to 1 (max 100 steps) which if I ready correctly is how the programing instructions in AN3602 is set. The PWM was intended to drive a PWM idle solinoid with negative control and 12VDC (if that helps).  The L298N will provide the 5VDC I will need to power the MC0S08QD4.


I really dont want to spend all the cash on programing equipment and ardrino code may be at end of my capabilities.  The chip as spelled out in this document may be perfect for what I need.


I dont want this for free of course.