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A71CH Board with Kinetics (K6f F) - Integration issue!!

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Aug 22, 2018
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 I am working on the development board of A71CH [A71CH | Plug and Trust for IoT|NXP ]

I am following the document AN12135 [ ] to integrate A71CH with Kinetics board [FRDM k64F].


In the documentation, I am supposed to download a software package The A71CH Host software package called [A71CH_HOST_SW].


link: Version 01.04.00 (or later), available on [A71CH | Plug and Trust for IoT|NXP  - A71CH Host Software Package (Windows Installer)]


But this software package does not provide me the required examples to run the demos mentioned in AN2135.


I do not have required examples of vcomA71CH. I have added the screenshots of pages from documentation which is missing when I download the required software packages. In below attachments, I cannot find what is mentioned in Capture 1 image.


Can someone send the package with this reply? 


It would be great if I could get this help. My research work is based on this. I am not able to proceed.

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