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Cant Write FSEC, SEC bits using FCA

Question asked by Saurabh Saxena on Aug 22, 2018
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I am trying to secure my internal flash on Kineris K81 MCU, using the Flash Configuration Area,

All the Bits I configuring as follows




DCD 0x9BABEAF8 ; [0x400 - 0x403] Backdoor Key Access
DCD 0x9BABEAF8 ; [0x404 - 0x407] Backdoor Key Access
DCD 0xFFFFFFFF ; [0x408 - 0x40B] Program Flash Protection Register
DCD 0xFFFFBCFF ; [0x40C - 0x40F] 0x40C: FSEC, 0x40D FOPT, 0x40E-F Reserved,


where 0x40C is the SEC field configured as 11, which means that the flash is secured.



But the problem is that when I try to read this configuration using the blhost utility I find the Flash Security in UNSECURED state, and the command 


blhost.exe -p COM3 read-memory 0x400 16 ./FCA.dat yields the following  *.dat file read using Blhost utility


Can any one tell why the SEC setting are beings always set as 'E' 1110 where 10 is unsecure?