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"no compatible probes available" debugging mcuxpresso, lpc1549, custom freeRTOS

Question asked by Lauri Solin on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by LPCX presso support

I was doing some school lab exercises with mcuxpressso (latest version, installed yesterday) and I succesfully did the first lab exercise! My computer OS is windows 10.


The problem is that when I saved and closed my project, and I restarted mcuxpresso, I can no longer debug that same project that I was earlier able to debug. I just get the message "No compatible probes available. They may be disabled, disconnected, not powered, already in use or not compatible with this target."


I did everything as per the instructions in the pdf file in the attachment, and I was able to use the advanced debugging when I just created the project.


So, just to be clear, the advanced debugging did work properly when I just created the project and I kept making small changes and building and debugging it. But, when I closed mcuxpresso and tried to debug again, it doesn't seem to work.


Project has lpc1549 chip and board libraries, and freeRTOS, the last of which was provided by our teacher.

The freeRTOS debugging did work in the first lab exercise, as I followed my teacher installation instruction properly, but I'm realyl stumped that I cannot any longer debug the project in the same way again... (quickstart panel->debug project)


the project idea was to use that newest version of freeRTOS (version 10???) and then have the C++ main() blinky type of program that just flashes the lights on the board.


It appears I'm currently UNABLE to use FreeRTOS kernel aware debugging any longer (but the debugging did work properly when I configured the debug probe for the first time to use the All-stop IDE debug mode, as per instructions.


I am able to access the Vcom USB port with putty, when I'm not apparently debugging the project, with mcuxpresso IDE still closed. (the board is still connected with the usb, though)


the files in the project were teacher provided main() file blinky.cpp, freeRTOS10 and regular NXP provided lpc1549 chip and board libraries.


I might have to ask my teacher again tomorrow for help! So, depressing when I can't get this debuggin to work. I'm quite new to freeRTOS, but I did have an older installation of mcuxpresso so I'm not totally new to embedded systems programming.