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NTAG I2C Plus / How to access config-register by I2C-command

Question asked by Gero Heuer on Aug 23, 2018
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i am developing an NFC-microcontroller application. My host is an microchip PIC MCU and I want to use the NTAG-SRAM-mapping. Now I have a problem to reach the NTAG-config-register from my PIC-I2C connection. My commands from the MCU-side works only with the NTAG-session-register. But i want to store the sram-configuration persistant, so i have to use the config-register. 

My first question: Is it possible to get access the config-register by using the I2C-register-operation-commands shown in the manual? (NTH3H2111_2211 Point 9.8 "WRITE and READ register operation")  Or does this command only works with the session register?


I want to do all the configurations of the NTAG-chip from my MCU. So whats the best way to configure the registers?


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