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Question asked by burgeh on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Kerry Zhou



I am currently using the MK22FN256VLH12 with KDS v3.2 and Processor Expert.


I am trying to use the UART2 port (Pins 59 (PTD2) and 60 (PTD3)), however I keep running into this error. I have not had any issues before like this.

I checked the referenced component 'Pins' and it leads me to my general IO component for PortD. Below is what 'Pins' displays.


But nothing really shows up here. Port D pin 2 (pin 59) shown. I think it must be something with the wake-up pin.


Below is the Pin settings again under the wake-up. P13 (pin 59) is not assigned.


My guess is that it thinks Pin 59/60 are in use because the current IO pin has it mux'ed to be used elsewhere such as the wake-up pin. However, I am not sure how/where to resolve this.


Any Suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!