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Question asked by Chaitanya jasti on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Aldo Gutierrez



We are using Guage sensors MXVP505GW & MXVP5050GC.

As per datasheet, we gave 2nd pin - 5V, 3rd Pin- GND and 4th pin Vout.

We tried to observe the output signal in the oscilloscope at Vout.


1> MXVP505GW: We observed the stable 280mV signal but when we close the top side Nob or blow the air into it we didn't observe any change in the signal. Is it a correct process we are following? or how can we observe the change in output?

2> MXVP5050GC: We are unable to see any voltage at output unlike MXVP505GW.


Please share the testing procedure to check output signal of these pressure Guage sensors.