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IFC: GPCM - write in burst mode to async. memory

Question asked by Ferdinand Grossmann on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by Ferdinand Grossmann

Hello again.


We're evalutating options to connect a non-volatile memory (nvSRAM, MRAM, FRAM - not flash based) to the LS1046A. One option I'm looking at in more detail right now is the GPCM mode of the IFC and I ran across a question regarding burst access for writing:

Does TCH (chip-select hold time) play a role in burst accesses? And does the write enable signal toggle at all during the burst?


The memory devices we're looking at have an asynchronous SRAM interface, so the IFC_CLK is not used and write accesses are controlled by the chip select and write enable signals. If these don't toggle during burst accesses weÄd need to add some additional logic to insert an additional pulse into the WE or CS signal.


Does anyone have experience connecting asynchronous memory (not flash based)?