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Where to find example of PPWA (24bit!) function

Discussion created by bart wyns on Nov 25, 2008
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Dear forum user,
Where can I find an example of how to use the PPWA (Time Processor Unit) function using 24 bits (instead of only 16).
I've already searched for answers in this forum (and using Google) but found none (found a related but unanswered question in this forum category). I also have the Freescale docs on the PPWA but they only describe the use of 16 bits. From this document, it seems that using 24 bits is quite easy although no real example is included.
I've successfully written a program using only 16 bits but the problem is that to correctly read my sensor value (producing PWM output) I need all 24 bits. From the documentation I know that I have to reset the PPWA_UB byte after each accumulation. The question is on how to do this (it doesn't seem a trivial thing to do)?
Can anyone help me with this?
Help is highly appreciated,
Kind regards