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How to understand I/O status for 56F827XX at reset

Discussion created by Dawei You Employee on Aug 21, 2018
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here are several questions about datasheet

1.From latest DS for 56F827XX, <MC56F827XXDS>, there are some descriptions for I/O during reset.

<Rev. 4, 07/2018> vs <Rev. 3.0, 09/2016 > , update IO status from "input, internal pull-up" to "input" for most GPIO, whether which means the input is tri-state(high impedance)?

2.this adjustment is for new silicon or all old products??

3.I noticed other old 56f825X datasheet also indicate internal-pull up, seems which is a classic design, why this pull-up cancelled? 

4.How about warm reset(watchdog, SW reset), how these warm reset influence  GPIO status during reset?