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LPC845 HVQFN33 ADC won't provide correct counts

Question asked by Scott Bates on Aug 21, 2018
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I have an LPCXpresso845MAX board. I am using ADC0 and ADC9 to acquire some signals. I started with the example code ADC_Seqa_Seqb and was able to get both channels to work. I have a desgined board that has the HVQFN33  version of the chip on it. I can not seem to get the ADC to work with the same code as mentioned above. The ADC returns counts of about 15 on both channels when I should be getting counts on the order of 350. I know the board design works because I previously used it with an lpc824 (ADC0 and 9 worked fine in this case). The Xpresso845MAX board has the 64 pin chip on it. Is there something special I need to do for the HVQFN33 chip? I have several builds of my board with the 845 on it and they are all behaving the same way. 


Thanks for the help.