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Root file system is not mounted

Question asked by yangjae lee on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov



We asked about root file system mount again.


We changed our bootm parameter but it didn't work yet.


We attach the image name what we use, boot script, and console window screen shot.



This is name of each image we use.




This is bootscript.

We make this bootscript using mkimage.


command is as follows:

~./mkimage -A ppc -T script -a 0 -e 0x40 -d bootscript.txt bootscript



This is the console window what we get.


We can't mount root file system yet.


Could you tell us how to do it??



Second question is secure u-boot patch.


Secure booting and normal booting use the same file system. And normal booting works well, but secure booting didn't work. So we think that secure u-boot has problem. (Is this right?)


When we change secure u-boot, do we have to change secure u-boot based on sdk u-boot source code? Or can secure u-boot changed based on u-boot of DENX?