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Software Porting issue

Question asked by lakshmi latha on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by lakshmi latha

We have ported several times, linux images in i.Mx28 processor based board and worked fine.

Now, all of a sudden started facing problem. We are not able to port completely.

Below messages are shown while porting:


"PowerPrep start initialize power...
Battery Voltage = 1.31V
No battery or bad battery detected!!!.Disabling battery
voltage measurements./r/nLLLCFeb 3 201801:20:37
FRAC 0x92925552
memory type is DDR2
Wait for ddr ready 1power 0x00820710
Frac 0x92925552"

After this, it is halting.


Because of what peripheral failure, it is happening?

What can be done?

Pl Suggest.