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iMX7 external Bus CS1

Question asked by Manfred Hauser on Aug 21, 2018
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we use a iMX7-Colibri modul.

Currently we have a SRAM mapped in the external EIM-Bus (0x28000000-0x2FFFFFFF) - CS0 area 128MB.

It works well.
Now we like to split the area in 2 regions with CS0 and CS1 with 2 * 64 MB

CS0 (0x28000000-0x2BFFFFFF)   CS1 (0x2C000000-0x2FFFFF)  
I used CS0 Registers and values as a template,  but I had done something wrong.
If I read from CS1 area I got the data form CS0 area. I guess there is a register value not defined.
Please can you assist me, to find the error.

I can see CS0, WR, OE,.. signals, but no CS1 signal.


I read back the register settings and the values are:

IOMUXC_GPR_GPR1: 4f40202d  <-- Change  to 2 * 64MB

pWEIM->CS0GCR1: 00610089
pWEIM->CS0GCR2: 00001002
pWEIM->CS0WR1: 1f6fffd3


pWEIM->CS1GCR1: 00010089
pWEIM->CS1GCR2: 00001002
pWEIM->CS1WR1: 1f6fffd3


//CS1_B mux port of EIM

 *pSW_PADEPDC_DATA15 = *pSW_PADEPDC_DATA15 | 0x04;       //CS1_B mux port of EIM


Can you help me.

best regards