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56F807 Is boot flash a separate flash or just a segment?

Question asked by j... on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by Peter Becher

The DSP 56F800 Family User's Manual, page 3-2, shows the boot flash located at 0xF800 for the 56F807 in mode 0A.


Is this flash actually a separate flash (like the 56F8345) or just a defined segment of the same flash?


If it is a separate flash, then that means a flash programming routine can be stored there to program the application PFlash.


If it is NOT a separate flash then it is very likely that the flash programming routine must be copied out to RAM. Most parts will not allow the flash routine to run from the same flash chip that is being programmed (although I think some TI MSP430's will do this).


I think that the boot flash is part of the same flash memory as the application PFlash with the only difference is that the address range starting a 0xF800 is connected to the BFU (Boot Flash Interface Unit), DSP 56F800 Family User's Manual, page 5-7.


So, is the boot flash separate?

Or, just a segment connected to the BFU?

Can PFlash (app area) be programmed from a routing that resides in Boot Flash or must it be copied to RAM?