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mcf5441x, esdhc dma read

Question asked by Angelo Dureghello on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Angelo Dureghello

Hi all,


i am trying to use an u.boot driver, fsl-esdhc, to access sd cards.

The driver, in the default mode, uses DMA read. There is available another mode called "PIO" that seems btw not well working nor much performant.


The driver works fine, but when i read data using DMA, btw, i read all 32bit words (4 bytes groups) swapped. Likely, for the fact mcf5441x is big endian.


Looking in the hw registers if a dma-endiannes swapped read option is available, seems there is nothing.


So if i understand, with this cpu, at least using DMA, i cannot read any SD written from other system. Am i correct ?


Any idea of what i could do ?


Angelo Dureghello