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Setting up the MPX2010DP differential pressure transducer

Question asked by David Fowler on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales



         I am having issues with setting up my MPX2010DP pressure transducer.  I have it hooked up to a pitot tube, which takes pressure measurements from inside of a duct.  The transducer output is wired to an NI 9215 +/- 10V analog input module.  This module records the data, and this data is processed using a Labview VI that I wrote. 

          The transducer has 4 pins.  1: Ground, 2: V+out, 3: Vsupply (I'm using 12 volts from a power supply), 4: V-out.  The V+out and V-out are wired to the NI 9215 analog input module.  The pin 1 ground is wired to the COM of the 9215 module which is wired to the power supply ground.  the Vsupply is wired to the 12V power supply.


Problem)   I can't seem to get the setup right.  Whether it be wiring, proper supply voltage, or something.  Using a voltmeter, I seemed to get voltages that didn't correspond to any pressure fluctuations; it was acting as a voltage divider.


Solution)   The output range of the transducer is 0-25mV.  Does this call for signal conditioning or amplification?  Use an op-amp that has a gain of 400 so I can achieve a 10V output range?  


Question)   What am I doing wrong?  I thought I would simply supply a voltage and read the outputs with an analog input, but it has turned out to be difficult.  Am I over-analyzing my issue?