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Question asked by Tony Tao on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Alice_Yang


I have FRDM-K22F Board, and I try to light the RGB Led on the board. According to the user guide <FRDMK22FUG.pdf>, the Red color controlled by pin PTA1, the Green controlled by Pin PTA2. On the MCU datasheet <K22F Sub-Family Reference Manual> page1359, address 400F_F014 is port data direction register, address 400F_F000 is port Data Output Register.

I use MCUXpresso IDE to import example <frdmk22f_hello_world, and add codes as below:

   PRINTF("hello world.\r\n");


    *(int*)0x400FF014 = 0x02; //set PTA1 as Output – my code

    *(int*)0x400FF000 = 0x02; //set PTA1 as High, so the led should be red -my code



    while (1)


        ch = GETCHAR();



There is no error to “Build” and “Debug”, but the RGB Led always keep green.

Appreciate for any help on this.