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KinetisFlashTool for KE18F

Question asked by Li Feng on Aug 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Li Feng

The Kinetis bootloader is the program residing in the on-chip read-only memory (ROM)
of a Kinetis microcontroller device. There is hardware logic in place at boot time that
either starts execution of an embedded image available on the internal flash memory, or
starts the execution of the Kinetis Bootloader from on-chip ROM.


• FOPT [7] is set to 1. This forces the ROM to run out of reset.
• The BOOTCFG0 pin is asserted. The pin must be configured as BOOTCFG0 by
setting the BOOTPIN_OPT bit of FOPT to 0.
• A user applications running on flash or RAM calls into the Kinetis Bootloader entry
point address in ROM, to start Kinetis Bootloader execution.


How to config the MKE18F512VLL16 to use the KinetisFlashTool?