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PN7462B v2.2 EMC and Antenna Tuning capacitor value

Question asked by Jay Yeh on Aug 19, 2018
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I am following the n336911 - AN11706 PN7462 family Antenna design guide (1.1).pdf to fine tune my customized antenna.

As the tutorial showed, it could be divided to two parts: 1. the EMC filter, and 2. the matching circuit.

When I refer to the schematic of PN7462B v2.2, I found more components than shown in the tutorial, so I tried to match them with the tutorial.

The EMC filter should be C28, C29, C31, C32

Matching should be C35, C37, C47, C49, C40, C41, C43, C46.

Then what's the purpose of C38, C39, C44, C45 as marked in the red circle?