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Almost nothing works with MKE02Z32VLC4 and newest SDK

Question asked by Gonzalo Alcaraz on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Gonzalo Alcaraz

Hi, and thanks in advance for your help. 


I'm running into a wall with SDK 2.4 and this uC on a custom board. The board is currently just the uC, power source and SWD connector, as to isolate what the problem is.


The problem itself is that most of the things don't work, or at least not completely. Most of the GPIOs work fine, but some don't at all. What mostly worries me is that the SPI seems to be receiving data, but no clock is coming out of the corresponding pin.


The only configuration I did was set up the SPI pins from the PINS plugin, and then call the appropriate functions following the examples from the SDK. I'm attaching the whole project for reference. 


I know I can probably just skip the SDK altogether, but I'd rather learn to use it properly to reduce developing time on future projects. 


Please ask for any more details you may need, any help is appreciated.


Best regards!