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Need to (re)program MC9S08 with an embedded linux SoC on the same board

Question asked by David Fdez on Nov 25, 2008
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I'm new here and I was trying to look for a similar problem, but it seems you are always using or a tool kit or the PC to use ICP in the microcontrollers. Our idea:

We are trying to program your MC9S08 through our embedded Linux SoC, just simulating the BDM protocol lines from the DEMO9S08SH8/SG8 with our GPIOs replacing the BKGD and RESET lines. Do you know where can I get any driver to do this in an embedded Linux? We've already programmed the Freescale's uC with Code Warrior and the kit in our board and it's working, but now we want to be prepared for possible firmware updates using our SoC with embedded linux OS. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!