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S32K144EVB LPSPI send more than 1/2/4 Bytes

Question asked by Gustavo Ramirez on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Gustavo Ramirez


I'm using the S32K144EVB and I want to send more than 1/2/4 bytes using lpspi.

On the "flexio_spi_config" block under the "Advanced" tab, we have the "Transfer size" drop down. But I only have the option to send 1/2/4 bytes, in this case I want to send 6 bytes (48 bits) continuously, having asserted the SS signal continuously while transmitting the 6 bytes.


If I set the transfer size to 2B and set the "Data Tx" of "FlexIO_SPI_Master_Transfer" to a 6 byte vector, it sends the 6 bytes but the SS line is changed at the end of each 2B transferred.


Same is true if I set it to 1B, with the SS line changing after each 1B transferred.


Is there a way to transmit the 6B with the SS line asserted continuously?

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