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utilisation of multiple transmit/receive registers of the Messaging Unit

Question asked by Erik Friedel on Aug 17, 2018
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I am currently working with the iMX7. Both IPC examples worked for me.

In the reference manual, there are four transmit/receive registers for data transfer. Does this mean, you can utilize up to four channels independently to transfer data? Or are the used "parallel" so that every register takes a quarter of the message? I know, that you can have multiple channels but I am unable to figure out how to edit the code so I can use them.


Maybe important snippets I found in the code are following:


Linux side:




FreeRTOS side:


   #define RPMSG_MU_CHANNEL (1)


It would be quiet convenient if I could just assign the channel where I send the message.

Like: "rpmsg_rtos_send(app_chnl2->rp_ept, &msg, sizeof(THE_MESSAGE), app_chnl2->dst);"

instead of "rpmsg_rtos_send(app_chnl->rp_ept, &msg, sizeof(THE_MESSAGE), app_chnl->dst);"


Please try to explain it to me.