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[Q]CW NAND burning w/ u-boot-nand at MPC8313ERDB REVA4

Discussion created by One Ryoul Choi on Nov 25, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by One Ryoul Choi
Hi All.
I got trouble in writing u-boot-nand at NAND flash w/ CW.
My environment is as follows:
- B'D : MPC8313E-RDB Rev A4
- CW : CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Processors V8.8(Version 5.9.0 Build 2412)
            PA V8.8.1 patch
            PA V8.8.2 service pack
- Flash Programmer setting: used configuration file as below :
  ..\CodeWarrior PA V8.8\bin\Plugins\Support\Flash_Programmer\EPPC\83xx\8313RDB_NAND_FLASH.xml
NAND burning w/ u-boot(nor) was successful, and I managed to boot kernel at NAND.
But when we are to use CW to burn NAND, it failed.
Actually erasing, blank checking, and burning reported success, but verification failed.
Error Message : 10 data mismatches occur.
I saw previous msg thread somebody posted at this board.
He said that CW patch will work, but my result was in fail.
Would you advise me?