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Using config tools to configure SPI using eDMA

Question asked by Larry York on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Lukas Heczko

I'm trying to use the config tools included with MCUXepresso 10.2.1 on a K64. When I select "Enable Tx eDMA channel" there is a block for "Intermediary eDMA channel". What exactly is the purpose of the that channel?


On another but related note, in the peripheral.h that gets generated there is a line that gets created that has a variable declaration that corresponds to that intermediary channel that I believe is missing an extern in front of it.


The section of the file looks like:

extern const edma_config_t eDMA_1_config;
extern const dspi_master_config_t SPI_OTHER_config;
extern edma_handle_t SPI_OTHER_Handle;
edma_handle_t SPI_OTHER_Intermediary_Handle;
extern edma_handle_t SPI_OTHER_TX_Handle;
extern dspi_master_edma_handle_t SPI_OTHER_eDMA_Handle;