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LinkServer errors

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by SCOTT MILLER

I mentioned in another thread that I'm having new problems with the LPC-Link2 today.  I'm creating this post to cover those.


I changed nothing from yesterday's configuration; I left the system running overnight to try to catch a usage fault, caught it, and got an instruction trace.  When trying to launch again, I started getting errors.



This continued after power cycling the target and the LPC-Link2, manually killing redlinkserver.exe since the cleanup button doesn't always do it, and restarting the IDE.  I rebooted the system completely, power cycled everything again, and got the same thing.  After power cycling the probe yet again, it's back to a different error:



Mind you, this is *after* successfully downloading the firmware image and starting it.  I don't know what component this might be coming from.  The target is running at this point, though.


It's *not* a problem with the connection to the target - I moved the cable from the LPC-Link2 to my Cyclone ACP without touching the end connected to the target, and the Cyclone runs fine.  The P&E gdb software did automatically update this morning, but that was after the problems had started.


Any ideas?